Free Draft proofing

Is your home drafty? Does it feel colder when you walk into the hallway or move to a different room in the house? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then your home could drastically benefit from having draft proofing measures to prevent any air entering or escaping through small holes in your external walls and windows. The main areas where cold air can enter your home is through holes and cracks around the window frames and door, installing a simple draft excluder to the bottom of your front door or a brush draft excluder on your letter box would make a huge difference in keeping warm air in your home! 

If your home is drafty you are throwing money away, the money you spend heating your home is wasted as you are literally paying to heat up the outside. Do you often feel the need to turn up your heating because it doesnt seem to get warm enough in your home? This is likely to be because the heat generated is escaping into the atmosphere outside and cold air is coming into your home instead. You can prevent this by taking some very easy and cheap draft proofing prevention methods. 

There is help out there for the more vunerable homeowners, and those who would find it difficult to pay for a draught proofing course. Home improvement grants such as the UK Government grant Warmsure give you up to £3,500 to cover the cost to ensure your home is fully energy efficient this includes the installation of grade A rated economical boilers, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation to prevent valuable heat from your home escaping out into the atmosphere. The Warmfront grant also provides a much needed draught proofing course for your home free of charge, draugh proofing in the home is essential in order to prevent heat escaping through small holes around your windows and doors. If warm air can escape from your home then cold air can easily enter your home through the same small cracks, making your home cold and draughty. Therefore a comprehensive draughtproofing course on your home is essential, draught proofing can be completed free under the Warmfront grant scheme.

Warmfront aim to ensure that every household in the UK has an adequate level of central heating and a well insulated home! If you receive income related benefits or are over a certain age you culd qualify for a Warmfront home improvement grant worth up to £3,500. Simply click on one of our sponsors at the side of this page to check to see if you qualify for the Warmfront grant and apply easily online.